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US customer shows off his year-long daily embrace of the brand online

US customer shows off his year-long daily embrace of the brand online

By this point in the year, most people’s New Year’s resolutions have already faded into the past with mixed results. Not so for Ian Maxen who’s more committed than ever to the unusual project he launched seven months ago.

On January 1, 2016, Ian vowed to rock Roots products every day for an entire year and document it online. In the process, he has acquired a fan-base of more than 800 people following his Instagram page where he posts daily photos.

As of early August, Ian has shared more than 200 images showing some of his favourite products including the Beaver Ombre long sleeve T-shirt, Rufus cardigan and the Banff Weekender bag. He frequently receives positive messages from followers, flattering and encouraging him to continue the challenge.

Of the hundreds of apparel brands, why Roots?  

“I chose Roots because of the variety of products,” says Ian, 46. “Its clothes, accessories, shoes and other items cover all the bases from casual to smart wear. Also, it helps that the clothes look great, feel great and, most importantly, are always of good quality.”

Ian’s love for the brand dates back to 2006 when he visited his then girlfriend Alison in Vancouver, BC. She lived close to the Roots store on Robson St. and upon entering it, Ian liked what he saw.  

The quality and designs impressed Ian so much he purchased two pairs of sweatpants and a hoody. Little did he know then the role that Roots would later play in his life.

While living in the US, Ian continued shopping at Roots. For five years, he worked at two local museums in New Jersey where he was often mistaken for a Canadian due to the amount of Roots apparel he wore.  

“Visitors and friends started remarking how much they liked my clothes,” says Ian.

Visitors and friends started remarking how much they liked my clothes

Last October, Ian and Alison, to whom he is now married, moved to Seattle, WA, where they came up with the idea of Ian wearing Roots products 365 days in a row.  

“Honestly, I don’t see myself ending my passion for Roots after the year is up,” says Ian. “It looks like it’s a path I’ll be travelling for some time.”    

While the designs of the clothes initially sparked Ian’s interest in Roots, he has grown to love the brand for more than its products. He especially appreciates the company’s commitment to the environment.

A decade after his first encounter with the brand, Ian is more hooked on Roots than ever. – Meghan Henriques

• Follow Ian’s journey on Instagram at: @a_brit_of_roots