Roots pays tribute to its huge success in Asia

Roots Loves Taiwan campaign shot


Adding new dimension to its marketing, brand showcases Taiwan in spring campaign

TORONTO, March 21, 2016 – For the first time in its history, Roots is spotlighting its success in Asia with a multi-faceted, high-profile marketing initiative. Featuring images from a just-completed photo-shoot in Taiwan, the innovative advertising campaign will be launched on March 22 at the Roots flagship store in Toronto, and shortly afterward in outdoor advertising, social media, online and stores internationally viagra pfizer 50 mg. It celebrates the 20th anniversary of the brand establishing itself in Taiwan where today there are almost as many Roots stores (107) as there are in Canada (110).

No other Canadian brand has the success and visibility that Roots enjoys in Taiwan. The Taiwanese have a great affinity for Canada and what it represents for them. This contributes directly to the phenomenal success of Roots there as many Taiwanese see the brand as a showcase of Canada and Canadian style in Asia.

“This is a creative way to show our appreciation to Taiwan for their incredible loyalty to Roots over the past 20 years,” says Roots Co-Founder Michael Budman, who has traveled to Taiwan several times in connection with the company’s presence there. “We also felt that people in Canada would like to see how a Canadian brand has proven so popular in a different culture overseas.”

In Roots stores in Taiwan and China, all the products are designed in Canada, with many also made here. Most of the imagery is of Canada, just like in the company’s stores in North America. Taiwan is also home to several Roots Lodge cafés, which exist only in Asia.

Done in collaboration with Taiwan’s tourism board, the new campaign shows many of the country’s landmarks where the Canadian and Taiwanese models, including local celebrities, were photographed wearing the brand’s new spring collection. Roots is also producing a special visitors guide to Taiwan that will be distributed for free in stores and available online.

​As part of the campaign launch, the Roots flagship store in Toronto will host an exhibition of images and video from the recent Taiwan photoshoot. The opening will take place with a special evening on March 22 featuring Taiwanese street food, cocktails and teas and with the participation of the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Toronto.

The new campaign, whose tagline is “Roots Loves Taiwan,” is the first major marketing initiative by Roots since last fall’s announcement that Searchlight Capital had purchased the majority ownership in the company. The new campaign reflects Searchlight’s vision for strong international development of the brand.

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